Frequently Asked Questions

How many employees do I need for vending or micro market service? 

We use a number of factors to assess a location’s suitability for vending for micro market service. With our high level of service we typically need at least 100 people on site for vending and 200 for a micro market. However, those numbers may be higher or lower for a particular facility depending on the demographics of the population, how spread out the people are, how many floors are in the building, whether there are other options for purchasing snacks and meals nearby, and other unique characteristics of the location.

What if we are tired of bad vending service but may not have enough people for your service?

We are happy to explore other options for locations with smaller populations. Some of our smaller customers choose to subsidize the snacks and drinks for their employees in order to increase the volume of purchases. Others choose to pay an equipment rental fee in order to make the location feasible for our service.

Do you handle office coffee too?

Yes! Please contact us today to discuss your needs and how we can best meet them.

Where in Houston do you provide service?

While we are based on the west side of Houston, we service accounts all over the Houston, Texas area. We are happy to go south of Houston, north of Houston, and east of Houston. The farther away from Houston you are, the more on-site employees we will need to make vending machine service economical.


How often will a driver visit my location?

Your equipment will be monitored wirelessly. We get a report every 4 hours of how much inventory is remaining. A driver will arrive just-in-time to restock you. Customers can be visited every few weeks or a few times a’s all up to you and how much you consume. The higher the volume, the more often we visit.

Are you drivers professional?

Yes. We select our drivers based on their ability to be polite and professional. They must train extensively with an experienced driver before being sent out on their own and are given lighter schedules during the first year to make sure they take their time and do a quality job.

Can we help choose the products?

Yes. We are always open to your suggestions. We will constantly monitor what your employees like to eat and drink based on their purchases. We try to provide a variety of items they will enjoy. We spend a great deal of time selecting items to rotate through our vending machines and micro markets. Every machine/market has a different selection that is tailored to the tastes of that group of people.

Who do I call if there is a problem with the vending machine or micro market?

Simply call the service number we provide you and we will be out to fix your problem as quickly as possible. If there is a problem that will take longer - we will communicate with you every step of the way.

What about healthy vending selections?

For vending we utilize the “Fit Pick” program. This identifies lower fat/lower sugar items in the vending machine. We typically reserve the first item on each tray for a Fit Pick selection so there is always something available for those trying to snack a little healthier. With micro markets there are many healthy options available, including fresh fruit and salads, and since the product is not locked in a machine people are able to read the nutrition labels themselves to see whether it meets their healthy criteria.


How do you keep people from stealing from the micro markets?

Since they are in your place of business the only people using them are your employees. Most people will not risk their job to steal from a micro market, but just to be sure the micro markets are monitored by security cameras and a sign is posted near the kiosk to remind the customers.

How often do you service a micro market?

As with our vending service, the micro markets are remotely monitored and are service when they need service rather than on a set frequency. Micro markets are so popular with the customers that they often need to be serviced every day!


What type of problems might I expect from the vending machine?

Vending machines generally run without any problems, however, from time to time breakdowns occur. The most frequently reported problem is the vending machine takes money but does not give a soda or snack. This is most often due to a coin or bill jam or some other minor mechanical issue. But no matter what the problem, we will fix it as soon as possible to make sure your vending machine is back in service. We know it is inconvenient for you to have a problem with a vending machine. We strive for excellence in the maintenance and upkeep of all our vending machines and we respond quickly to resolve any problems.

What do I do when money is lost in the vending machine?

If anyone loses money in our vending machines we refund it with no questions asked. Our refund protocols are client specific. The most popular is to establish a “refund kitty” with someone in the office so they can provide an instantaneous refund.


Are we locked into a long term vending contract?

No. We are in the service business . . . if you are not completely satisfied with the vending service we are providing, we’ll remove our vending machines upon request. Our simple vending machine placement policy provides you with the freedom to give us 30-day cancellation notice at any time.

Are we liable for any damages to the vending machine?

No. All you do is provide the space for the vending machine. If the vending machine is continually damaged or vandalized we may choose to remove it and terminate vending services.

What type of insurance coverage do you have?

We carry a $2 million dollar general liability insurance policy as well as auto and workers comp insurance.

Does Gulp-It! participate in any industry associations?

Gulp-It! is a member of the National Automatic Merchandising Association (NAMA). NAMA is the national trade association of the food and refreshment vending, coffee service and food service management industries. Learn more about vending on the NAMA website at