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Coffee Craze

Research at the National Coffe Association (NCA) shows that the gormet coffee trend will continue to exist and likely increase as it has been over the past several years. Retailers like Starbucks and Keurig (as well as producers of gormet K Cups) will continue to see strong sales in the future.

School Vending

In the ongoing debates over health and obesity in relation to vending, the latest discussion has targeted what food should be available to children in school. Since 2003, laws regarding school vending have evolved from mostly nonexistant to federal discussion. In 2013, the federal government passed a law creating standards for food sold in schools. Only healthy choices are allowed in vending machines, lunch menus, and school stores. 

Counting Calories

Recently, the Affordable Care Act has been revealed to have a clause requiring vending machines to post the calorie counts for its contents. Companies will be responsible for maintaining the list of calories by the machine in an effort to provide the public with information about what they are buying. The rules apply to over 10,000 companies that manage over 20 machines, most of those companies being small businesses with 3 or less employees.

NAMA OneShow

Gulp-It! attended the NAMA OneShow last week.  The OneShow is the annual national vending convention which brings together vending operators with product, equipment and technology suppliers for the vending industry.

Our focus in attending was to evaluate the emerging technologies in the vending industry and look for new exciting products for our customers.  

The New Gulp-It! Website

Welcome to the new Gulp-It Vending website! We are excited to have an updated site for you to visit to learn more about our company and the services we provide in the Houston, Texas area.

We takes pride in offering the latest in technology, yet continuing to serve our clients with good old-fashioned honesty and superior customer service. You will find all the options you need for the vending or micro market needs of your location right here.

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