Remote Monitoring

All of our equipment is remotely monitored.

For vending machines we use Cantaloupe Systems’ cutting edge SEED monitoring devices. This little device monitors the vending machine and then every four hours wirelessly sends back the information telling us what has been purchased and the current inventory level in the machine. No matter where you are in Houston, when the product in your vending machine is getting low we already know about it and are on the way! Similarly, our micro market kiosks continuously send back the information as the products are sold so we know when and what to restock. Not only is this technology great for making sure you don't run out of your favorite snacks and drinks, it also lets us keep our prices competitive while giving truly outstanding service. Since we only visit your site when your micro market or vending machines need service, we have no wasted trips. That's good for our costs, good for your prices, and good for the environment. Learn more by clicking one of the logos below.